High-quality building construction found a foothold in 1958 with the 1000 beds capacity Veterans General Hospital, in Taiwan. Since then, we have successfully completed   more than 50 high-value buildings projects. Over a period of time, through our own Research & Development, we have developed ‘Green Building’ concept covering environmental protection,  recyclable resources and reduced disposals, energy saving  of building materials with excellent insulation, low impact to environment during construction, anti-seismic light weight structures, modular construction for faster constructions and standardized assembling procedure to ensure best quality.

"The village", located in the Taipei county, is a complete plan-design-build-operation project by CEC. The project has also been awarded the Building prize in 2006

Our expertise covers the following:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Five Star Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Hall for Performing Arts
  • Townships
  • Housing including High-Rise Condominiums and Villas
  • High- tech Factories