Client: Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC)

Location: From North Shore of Choshue River TK207K+015 to North Taipao of Chiayi County TK249K+814, total length 42,799m in Yunlin and Chiayi County

Year of Completion: 2004

Engineer: B+B Design Team, Sinotech & Maunsell Ltd.

Value: INR 3001 Crore (US$ 751 million)

Type of Work:

The main works includes:
42.5km High Speed Rail Elevated Bridge Construction Method includes:
Full Span Precast Launching method (Mainly), Segmental(in-situ) balanced cantilever, construction, Site shoring Steel composite bridge.

Pile foundation substructure and prestressed concrete box girder superstructure with simple support for standard viaduct and continuous for non-standard bridge.